Multifunction Tester

About This Product:

1、Model: PPD-1000

2、Arterial pressure: 0 ~ 200mmHg

3、Ventricular pressure: -20 ~ 200mmHg

4、Strokevolume: ≤ 100mL

5、Cardiac output: ≤ 5L/min

6、Test frequency: 30 ~ 240bpm

7、Suitable valve types: Mechanical valve、bioprosthetic valve or external aortic sinus model

8、Suitable valve diameter: Mechanical valve、bioprosthetic valve: Φ18 ~ Φ34mm

Interventional valve: Φ18 ~ Φ34mm

9、Test fluid type: physiological saline、glycerin and water ratio、solution or blood

10、The software has sensor calibration、data acquisition、(left heart、right heart) analysis、
       calculation、report output、and other functions;

11、The software has the functions of ventricular waveform generation、waveform downloading、
       waveform reading、monitoring and so on、The pressure driven waveform can be adjusted

12、 Pressure measurement accuracy: ±0.5mmHg

13、Test liquid temperature range: Room temperature ~ +40℃

14、Test temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃

15、The working environment temperature: +15 ~ +35℃、The humidity ≤ 85%
       DEG C without dew

16、Power: 220V、50Hz、400W