Medical device import and export market, product substitution, acceleration

China Medical Insurance Association recently released data show that China's medical equipment imports in the first half year-on-year growth rate fell by nearly 7 percentage points over the same period last year, indicating that domestic medical equipment import substitution is accelerating. "This is mainly due to the domestic medical device enterprise research and development strength and price advantage."." In September 17th, at the second China Medical Device summit, sponsored by the Suzhou bio nano Park, many experts said.
But compared with the multinational enterprises, domestic enterprises in medical research and development and technical gap is not small, domestic enterprises still need to catch up. But another kind of disparity was also frequently mentioned by the participants: our country's per capita allocation of medical equipment is very low compared with the European and American countries. If we can narrow the gap between the two, for domestic medical equipment, it means great business opportunities. For domestic enterprises, it is particularly urgent to be good at listening to market voice, strengthen team cooperation, and make overall planning in the process of innovation and development.
In the medical industry elite
The forum around the Chinese medical equipment trading Overview "," Chinese medical patent strategy, medical devices and clinical application "and" medical invention, innovation and commercialization "and a series of issues in-depth exchanges and discussion. Yuval Binur, a renowned venture capitalist from Israel, also shared the advanced experience of foreign medical device industry with participants. In addition, the forum also ad hoc medical equipment enterprises innovative display links, so that excellent technology innovation enterprises and industry executives, experts and scholars face to face communication and exchanges.
Many of the participating entrepreneurs and experts and scholars said that the forum Chinese medical equipment development for everyone to discuss the development of the medical device industry of Chinese road under the new economic environment to create a professional communication platform, help to explore the development of dynamic medical equipment industry, to fully exploit the potential of China medical equipment industry, and actively understand the development of demand response the market and enterprises, promote business cooperation potential.
According to reports, after decades of construction and development, the medical equipment industry has gradually become an important part of China's advanced manufacturing industry. At the same time, the steady development of the economy, leading to increased demand for health services overall; gradual opening of medical service market, the domestic and foreign capital investment China medical service industry is speeding up, which led directly to the medical device market demand increase. According to relevant statistics, the average annual growth rate of medical equipment sales in China is as high as 20%.
Suzhou BioBAY CEO Liu Yuwen said: "the potential Chinese medical equipment industry is huge, the momentum of rapid development, under the background of this park pays special attention to the introduction and cultivation of talents, to promote medical technology innovation and product development, and through expanding cooperation, enhance the level of construction platform, providing international exchange platform for enterprises in research and development cooperation, industrial docking, investment and financing. It is expected that the second China Medical Equipment Summit Forum will enable more scientific and technological innovation enterprises, medical equipment, high-end talents and venture capital institutions to join in, and jointly promote the development of China's medical and health undertakings."
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