Wearable devices need to jump across the legal threshold

In March 10th, the Apple Corp in the spring of 2015 conference held in the United States of San Francisco grass art center. Apple Corp chief operating officer at the conference officially announced the apple smart watch, Apple, Watch price and release time. For a time, as if to domestic wearable devices and ignite a new round of enthusiasm, especially in wearable devices business on this road buddies, is looking forward to development model of wearable devices repeat intelligent mobile phone, as a new product category. From the nature of wearable devices, more perfect matching is the concept mentioned in the National People's Congress Premier Press Conference "Internet plus".
Of course, in any emerging industry development can not be Everything is going smoothly., for example in early September 2013 began to design and sell called T-Watch smart watches Tuman technology, because of various reasons, in February 2014 by the well-known people from the media users Tucao payment has not received a watch, triggered a huge crisis of business. If all the intelligent mobile phone, overnight blossom everywhere "Bracelet" products, has become a typical ten doesn't save a field of competition intensified in the market since 2014 in the fight. When the market development so far, wearable devices face is no longer whether commercialization, but when commercialized, entrepreneurs are looking forward to the market because of Apple and Watch to mature at the same time, they should also be aware that the field of entrepreneurship is a legal gap, clusters of business barriers.
First of all, the wearable device concept itself in Chinese is lack of corresponding legal definition, only some things such as China Electronics Association Committee of experts and China wearable computing industry technology innovation strategic alliance (CWCISA), non governmental organizations in the wearable device to a certain degree of description and induction, and from the industry standard the more the lack of refinement of the national or industrial standards, only some ministries, such as the national development and Reform Commission Office and the District of Shenzhen introduced some technical standards for policy description on wearable devices. Therefore, what entrepreneurs should do at the moment is to retrieve and understand the legality of their products from the function of the equipment itself".
For example, if the enterprise design and manufacture is directly built-in wireless chip, can be directly connected to the Internet product, it shall comply with the Ministry of industry and information technology developed the "telecommunications equipment into the network management approach", must apply for the network entry license for its products. If the design is made of wearable devices to collect user information, such as collecting user location information, eating habits, so as to use big data for business development, then the corresponding "National People's Congress Standing Committee on strengthening the network information protection decision", "the Supreme People's Court on the trial of the use of information network infringement of personal rights dispute cases in civil law applicable to the provisions of a number of issues", the Ministry issued the "telecommunications and Internet users' personal information protection regulations" promulgated, and the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Management Committee "information security technology, public and commercial services information system of personal information protection guide". It is important to researchers in the product design specification should be considered part of the. The more popular consumer health information collection, the final for medical purpose product research and development, so in addition to those rules, more entrepreneurs need to consider, is that it may be attributed to the "medical devices" category, with all the civilian products in the most strict and most long medical examination and approval system.
Wearable devices may be blue chip entrepreneurs, I hope entrepreneurs are concerned about the legal threshold along the way, do not fall in the blue sea on the journey to invest.
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