About Us

Shanghai Heartpartner Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. is currently the first and only a professional R & D and production of artificial heart valves and cardiovascular-related product testing equipment, and provide technical training, on behalf of the test and a series of high-tech services companies. The company has successfully developed artificial heart valve fatigue testing machine, modular pulsating flow performance testing machine, steady flow performance testing machine and portable multi-function test simulator and other products, and access to the national two patents. The development of artificial heart valve fatigue resistance test machine, modular pulsating flow performance testing machine and steady flow performance testing machine has been the State Food and Drug Administration of China Food and Drug Research Institute of Medical Devices Testing Center and the Beijing Medical Device Testing Institute selected, Companies in the United States Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston, Canada, Montreal and China's Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shenzhen, Gansu and many other artificial heart valve research and development, production enterprises, medical equipment at all levels Institutions, the major hospital research, university laboratories to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

The company has a professional technical development team, has many years engaged in artificial heart valve design and testing technology to establish and manage the experience, the product has always been synchronized with the international advanced water products. We will be sincere, enthusiastic service, superb professional skills, excellent after-sales service support for customers with advanced technology program design, testing equipment installation and commissioning, the operation of technical training and other integrated services.

At present, the company technical director Dr. Li Shouyan and technical adviser Dr. Gongxiao Yan has been selected by the State Food and Drug Administration Medical Device Standard Management Center GB 12279 new standard editorial board.

Our goal is to build a world-class cardiovascular-related product testing equipment R & D team, enhance enterprise innovation, provide a full range of cardiovascular product testing solutions, and in accordance with the national key new product special program requirements to expand the industrialization of the results, To achieve sales doubled, and strive in the near future to become the domestic cardiovascular-related products (artificial heart valves, stents, artificial heart and piping, etc.) test leader in the field, the international market a strong competitor.